Active Logging on Boulder Mtn – USE RADIOS (monday – friday)

Due to current timber harvesting activities on Boulder, Upper Iron Lotus and Upper Rednecks Revenge trails are closed at this time (7 days a week).  Due to the late spring, harvesting is behind schedule, so falling will occur on weekends as well.  Harvesting is planned to be completed in 4 weeks.  The use of radios on the logging road is mandatory from Mon – Fri if accessing ANY of the Boulder trails.  Please pass this message on to friends and fellow riders as it is a matter of safety.

The following is the radio communication protocol to be used:

  • The frequency is posted at the bottom of the road.  It is “Kicking Horse” frequency 153.32
  • LISTEN for oncoming traffic
  • When driving up call odd km numbers “starting up Boulder FSR”… “Boulder UP 1km”, “Boulder up 3km” etc.
  • When coming down call even numbers “Boulder Down 4km”… “Boulder Down 2km”… etc.
  • Logging trucks always have the right of way.  Give them lots of space.  If you hear someone coming down, find a pull out and pull over about 1km in advance and wait for them to come by.  Logging trucks require the entire road width and cannot stop easily
  • Vehicles going up must always yield to vehicles coming down
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