Results for Chainless TNT were posted after the race, but if you want more details, and series standings, see below:


It was a record turnout of 57 racers at Chainless TNT earlier this month! After a short and intense downpour during registration, the course was quite different than many had practiced, lines had changed or become more risky, and many racer’s names on the registration forms had become inkblots (sorry if your name was spelled wrong).
Though overall times were slower than previous years, likely due to the muck, with 20 female racers and 37 male racers, times were tight and racing was exciting! Special mentions go out to Aedan Freberg-Hickie for being our youngest racer, maybe we need to start a junior category! Aedan committed to his race run and flatted, but still finished. Also a high five to Dave Aubrey for sacrificing his race run to help Aedan with the flat.
Thanks to our series sponsor, Flowt for the support and draw prizes, also big thanks to Stoke Roasted Coffee, and new sponsor Monashee Distilleries for their great prizes!
Also thanks to the RCA crew for organizing insurance so members can race as many or as few races as they like this year without signing up for a BC Cycling Association Membership.