Begbie Bluffs Parking Lot Closed – July 21&22

parking_lot_closedThe Begbie Bluffs parking lot (the Southernmost lot along Hwy. 23 – access to Stimulus and Bluff Trail) will be closed Tuesday and Wednesday July 21-22 while work is being done to increase the capacity of the car park. 

Cyclists please use the MacPherson Nordic Lodge parking. The entrance to the Bluffs trail will be affected by the construction. Climbers can alternatively park where space permits on the Forest Service Road 50 m past the bluffs, it’s on the right (west) side of Hwy 23 S, but please ensure the right of way is passable for industrial traffic; trucks will be hauling fill down this road for the parking lot improvements. There is another FSR […]

Please Use Radios on Boulder & Jordan FSR

cbradioStella-Jones has informed the RCA that harvesting operations on Boulder Mountain have commenced to remove blowdown and beetle infested trees. The logging will continue for about 2 weeks until the end of July.

Cyclists should stay away from any active logging, and be aware that there will be logging truck traffic on the Jordan and Boulder Roads. Loaded logging trucks have a very difficult time stopping when coming downhill so it is recommended that all vehicles have a VHF radio tuned to the frequency posted at the bottom of the road. Thanks!

Frisby Ridge Trail Now Open – Watch For Trail Crew!

The RCA Board would like to thank all of you for adhering to the Caribou Closure on the Frisby Ridge trail and officially announce that the trail is open and in great shape. With the early spring and low rain fall levels the trail is snow free, except for a small patch at the high point, and almost mud free. Thanks to Stella-Jones Inc. the road was graded this spring so it’s now in as good shape as a logging road gets. A high clearance vehicle is still recommended.

Our summer trail maintenance crew is working on the Frisby Ridge trail for the next 3 weeks. If you see them on the […]

Flowt Presents: Boondocker DH Race – July 12

boulder_1Mark your calendars as Sunday, July 12th will be the third race in the RCA DH Toonies Series presented by FLOWT Bikes and Skis.  We have a new course for this one as we set our sights on Boondocker and Gravy Bacon.  The course will start after the little climb on Boondocker just below the Hotdog Hallway and will flow straight into a top-to-bottom Gravy Bacon run with the finish line at the power lines. Registration is from 11:00 – 11:30am in the new Boulder parking lot immediately after the Jordan River bridge on the Boulder FSR.  Don’t forget you need your RCA membership, Cycling BC Race […]