DH Race Results #3

We were lucky again with the weather for the 3rd race in the 2016 RCA Downhill Toonie Race series presented by Flowt Bikes. After the first two, less technical races, 21 racers moved to the roots and steeps of Boondocker and Gravy Bacon. After rain for a few days, there was enough sunshine to make the dirt nice and grippy, a contrast from the grease a couple days prior, and the dust fest of last year. This made for some fast times, with Nadine Overwater making it out for her first race of the year and putting down a speedy time of 3:05:57. Kate Devine also put in a strong time of 3:40:25 for a second place finish, moving to second overall in the standings, […]

XC Toonie Racing resumes this week – Enduro Style!

Do you like to Enduro? Everyone is doing it so we thought we should too… This week’s Arrow Helicopters Toonie event will have an Enduro format rather than our usual XC format. The course will feature two timed single track sections on Hemlock Groove and Quarry/Yew R Here. Transfer stages will not be timed so ride them at your own pace. Course details are now posted on the webpage. Please note you must register before 6:40pm otherwise it makes it very difficult for us to start the event on time! Thanks to Stoke Roasted Coffee for providing bags of your favorite legal stimulant as draw prizes at all our events. See you on Wednesday night!


Frisby Ridge Closure – Media Release

For Immediate Release
July 21, 2016

Frisby Ridge Closure

Revelstoke, British Columbia CANADA

The Revelstoke Cycling Association (RCA), with support from Recreation Sites and Trails British Columbia (RSTBC), has issued a Voluntary Closure of the Frisby Ridge XC Trail:

Lengthy sections of the trail – some of which are located in fragile alpine zones – have deteriorated or been damaged to a point that significant upgrades and remediation work is required. Several additional sections of trail could face similar issues unless they receive substantial interventions. The current condition of the trail has resulted from:

Limitations of the original trail tread to withstand significant increase in traffic.
Weather event coupled with fresh trail work and over-eager bikers through September 2015.

The first 2 weeks of September 2015 were especially damaging to the trail. The […]

Mount Revelstoke Steamer Hill Climb

August 7th 2016

Revelstoke has a world class hill climb – the Mount Revelstoke Meadows in the Sky Parkway. This 26km long and 1400m high climb is one of the longest sustained paved climbs in North America. As you climb from temperate interior rain forest to subalpine snow forest you are treated to ever improving views of the Columbia River Valley with the Monashees and the Selkirks on either side. The road surface is excellent (repaved Fall 2015) and the traffic is minimal. Truly a memorable ride!

On August 7th, with the support of Parks Canada and the 112 Restaurant, the RCA will be hosting the Mt Revelstoke Steamer Hill Climb. This will be your opportunity to test yourself against the clock on this […]