Frisby Ridge Trail

Welcome to Revelstoke’s newest marquee alpine mt. bike trail!  This is a purpose built mt. bike trail, constructed by bikers, for bikers.  A truly great trail with magnificent views, abundant wildflowers, and excellent riding.  12.9km of the Frisby Ridge Trail was completed last summer, it is a fantastic ride and spectacular trail.  The trail climbs from a cutblock up through very impressive mountain hemlock sub-alpine forest and into the alpine meadows, cresting on a rolling ridge with views in all directions.  It dips down to a small lake and turns back.

Access:  The access is 2 wheel drive acceesible, but we recommend a vehicle with some clearance.  From Revelstoke head west on the Trans-Canada highway across the Columbia River, at the highway 23 junction (traffic lights here), turn right or north onto West-side Road,  Drive up the road for about 8km/10 minutes, to a point where it turns into an odd 4 way junction leading off onto gravel logging roads.  To this point, don’t be fooled by the Frisby Ridge snowmobile signs, some point the right way, some don’t!  Turn left on the Frisby Ridge Road, there is a sign here, and also a tall cedar post with a sign indicating “Rec Trail” with an arrow and bike symbol.  All subsequent junctions are signed, and will lead you 9km up the gravel road to the parking area (trailhead kiosk with map here).  Specifically, from the start of the gravel road the junctions are at 0.7km go left, 1.6km go right, 4km go left, 5,8km go left, 6.2km go right, 8.2km go left, 9km go left to the large parking area with kiosk and outhouse.  Riding from town to the trailhead adds 2+ hours and 800m/2500ft. of climbing.

The Ride:  From the trailhead (1330m) follow the trail as it climbs 700m gently but steadily for about 12km to it’s high point (2030m).  There are 2 viewpoints, one at 5.5 to the east looking over Revy, and another at 7.2km to the west look over the Monashees, if you wish to take a break and make a short walk.  Continue from the high poinf of the trail ,if you wish, descending for another kilometer to a small alpine lake and the end of the trail.  Head back up and over and enjoy the long flowy cruise back down, you deserve it!  Note that there are many blind corners and uphill riders have the right of way, descend with caution!

As the trail is newly constructed, and there are some outstanding drainage issues, it is prone to damage easily.  Please use your judgement when deciding whether or not to ride the trail, if it is rainy and wet give the trail a few days to dry out.  When on the trail observe good etiquette and do not ride around mud and damage vegetation.  Otherwise, enjoy Revelstoke’s finest new alpine mountain bike adventure!

Frisby Ridge on

Notes:  The trail does not open until July 15th annually due to caribou use of the area.  There is no running water on the trail, take what you need or be prepared to treat water from small tarns.  There are no outhouse facilities at this time.