Martha Creek / Sale

The Martha Creek (Sale Mt.) Trail is a spectacular 1580m/9km descent from alpine meadows to valley bottom.  The trail is equipped with low and mid-elevation access points for early and late season rides, and the option for a 5000ft climb up logging roads to the top.

Access:   Starting at the  Hwy1/Hwy 23N junction drive 21km north of Revelstoke. Turn right on the Sale Mountain FSR, and drive a further 15km’s of dirt road to the summit.  You will need 4wd to drive the last 5km’s of this road.

Specific mileage to the summit from the start of the FSR is: at 5.2km turn left.  Turn right at 11.3km (you are now in a large cutblock).  Turn left at 11.6km.  Turn right at 12.8km.  15.7km finds you at the top of the road at the tower.  The trail descends to the south.

Low Elevation Access:  At 5.2km turn right. Go 2.8km and turn left.  Finally another 1.2km along, turn right.  As of Sept. 2011 the road is washed out here, it may be passed by bikers at low water.  The trail is found a few hundred meters down this road.

Mid Elevation Access (not passable by vehicle):   From the 11.6km junction go right and travel 2.8km to the trail intersection.

The Ride:   The trail drops from the tower into some technical riding right off the start.  This leads into beautiful, mellow alpine meadows. Once the meadows end, so does the easy riding.  Steep and fun technical riding through old growth forest and cutblocks will challenge any type of rider. Midway down, the trail gets fast and flowy with newly refurbished sidehill sections that will have your rotors smoking.  The lower section slows down into technical rocks and roots, testing your bike skills along with testing your now tired arms and hands.  Take your bike across the highway at the bottom and go cool off in Lake Revelstoke at the Martha Creek campground.  This 5000 foot descent is one of the best you’ll find for miles around and will have you returning again and again for years to come.

Notes:  Summit is not snow free until early July. Please  do not drift – it causes huge erosion problems!

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