Oct. 5, 2014

Stella-Jones Logging Company has informed the RCA that they are planning to start logging again on Boulder on Oct 6th so the road will have heavy industrial traffic during the week until the harvesting has been completed.  People should not travel on the road without a radio.  Loaded logging trucks cannot stop easily.


Starting in 2010, many volunteers and community partners worked with the RCA to develop a sanctioned trail network at Boulder Mountain.  To date there are 8 DH trails on Boulder and another on Frisby Mt. with plans to reconstruct the remaining trails on Boulder this year and maybe a couple of new ones.  If you’re interested in trail building or just getting involved, drop us an email or send us a message on Facebook!

We hope to have trail head signs and an area map installed soon!  Until then, head to one of the friendly local bike shops – FLOWT or Skookum – in downtown Revelstoke for more information!

Access:  Boulder is accessed from the Westside Rd.  From Revelstoke, head west from the TransCanada highway #1 and Victoria Rd/Laforme Dr intersection (Tim Horton’s).  Drive west on Hwy 1, turn right at the lights on Westside Rd, travel ~3km.  Turn Left on Jordan FSR, just past the Revelstoke Landfill.  Drive to 1km corner on the Jordan FSR.  This is where you can leave a retrieval vehicle and where the majority of trails come out.

Trails to ride:

  1. Loggin Leftovers – Blue – Starts from a spur road at the 5km corner on the Jordan FSR.  Park on the spur road and pedal a short distance.  You will see the trail start in the cutblock on the left.  This trail has a few crossings that are marked with a sign post (but no sign yet!).  The trail crosses the power-line where you will come to a fork – stay straight for Loggin Leftovers or right to the Boondocker (black).
  2. Gravy Bacon –Black Diamond – Starts ~300m before the 5km corner on the Jordan FSR.  Cross the powerline and stay straight at the junction to finish on the Boondocker or head left for Loggin Leftovers.  There are built structures on this trail (double black diamond) – check ‘em before you ride ‘em!
  3. Lower Bike Club trail – Blue – This trail starts close to the first road crossing on Loggin’ Leftovers.  Drive to about 2km on the Jordan FSR and take the spur road that accesses the power-line.  Follow this spur to the bottom of the cutblock (stay right from the power-line), the trail starts between Boondocker (downhill) and Loggin’ Leftovers (uphill).  It is a short section of trail that finishes at the power-line where you can connect to Loggin Leftovers or Boondocker.
  4. Upper Bike Club trail–  Double Black Diamond – This trail can be accessed from two locations – From the 2100 Spur Rd (approx. 5.5km on Jordan FSR) or from the 2500 Spur Rd (approx. 7.5km on Jordan FSR).  From the 2100 Spur Rd, follow for about 2km and look for a sign post and trail on the left.  If you hit a new cutblock, you’ve gone too far!  From the 2500 Spur Rd, bike or drive past the trail-head for the Boondocker, the road will climb slightly – stay left and look for a sign post on the left.
  5. Boondocker – Black Diamond – Drive to 8km on the Jordan FSR where there is a spur road to the left.  Park down the spur road at the landing.  The trail starts about 200m from the junction of the spur road, watch for it on the left.  At the 1st and 3rd crossing, turn right (uphill) and look for the trail on the left. Cross the powerline and stay straight (or left to Loggin Leftovers) – this trail has a blue and black line to finish before bringing you back to the 1km corner on the Jordan FSR.
  6. Rednecks Revenge – Black Diamond – Drive to 9.5km on the Jordan FSR, look for the spur road on the left.  The trail starts on the left about 400m from the road junction.  This trail has one road crossing, walk uphill about 50m and the trail starts again in the cutblock on the left.  This trail ends on the powerline – stay left to ride back to Loggin’ Leftovers and the 1km corner on the Jordan FSR or go right and make your way down towards Cash Advance or the Man Purse.
  7. Snakes n’ Ladders – Black Diamond – this trail splits left off of Rednecks, crosses a road and continues down the other side for a short distance before joining Rednecks.
  8. Cash Advance and Man Purse can be accessed via Rednecks Revenge or by from an old logging road off the TransCanada west highway.  Park the retrieval vehicle by the bridge on the Westside Rd that crosses the Jordan River or bike back to town.  Both trails are Double Black diamond.
  9. Iron Lotus
  10. Tall Timber