The Mt. Cartier recreation trail has been used for many years as a great early season mt. bike ride, it is one of the first trails to melt out in the spring.  More recently, the potential of this trail has begun to show itself…the hardiest of riders are riding up it to the summit of Mt. Cartier, and the more adventurous and getting a heli-drop at the summit and down-hilling it!  The summit views are all time!

Access:  From Revelstoke drive about 10km south on Airport Way, there is a brown trailhead kiosk on the east side of the road, park on the shoulder.

The Ride:  Lower Cartier provides an undulating climb with a few steep switch-backs to a view point at 2.5km, and a very nice flowy descent.  If you need to push yourself a little harder, ascend the trail for about 2000m/6500ft to the summit!  The trail is reportedly about %50-75 rideable by advanced and extremely fit riders with, and for the most part is an excellent climbing grade (the original trail was built for horse drawn wagon!).  The heli drop is reported to be one of the most epic rides ever, extremely long with sustained technicality.

New for Summer 2015, Selkirk Tangiers is now offering guided heli bike drops to the top of the Mt. Cartier downhill trail, click here for details.

Notes: This trail is a popular hiking trail, ride with caution and be courteous to other trail users, uphill bikers and hikers have the right of way!  Also, be aware the trail is maintained as a hiking trail, there is little signage and some sections of rocky and  narrow trail – ride cautiously!

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