The RCA has been quietly working on trail building for many years.

The table below provides a summary of our trail building activities:

Trail Name Location Construction Year Length (km) Planning/
Construction Crew
Root Canal Mt Macpherson 1998 .5 RCA RCA Volunteers
Buff Enuff Mt Macpherson 1998-1999 1.3 RCA RCA Volunteers
Fault Line/Big Easy/Downhill Mt MacKenzie 2000-2001 6.0 RCA RCA Contract Crew
Tantrum Mt Macpherson 2002 4.8 RCA RCA Contract Crew
TNT/Super Happy Fun Mt Macpherson 2003 1.9 RCA RCA Contract Crew
XCee Boulder Mtn 2004 2.2 RCA RCA Contract Crew
4 Play Begbie Falls 2005 .9 RCA RCA Volunteers
Black Forest Mt Macpherson 2006 1.9 RCA MOTCA+ BCFS Protection+RCA Volunteers
Root Canal extension Mt Macpherson 2007 .5 RCA MOTCA+ BCFS Protection+RCA Volunteers
Berm Donor Mt Macpherson 2008 2.4 RCA BCFS Protection
Hemlock Groove/Yew R Here Begbie Falls 2008 2.6 RCA RCA Contract Crew
Dusty Beaver/Stimulus Mt Macpherson 2009 4.2 RCA JOP Crew
Martha Cr. Re-route Martha Creek 2009 1.0 RCA JOP Crew
Toad School Mt Macpherson 2009 .5 RCA JOP Crew
Buff Enuff/4 Play Re-routes Macpherson/
2009 .6 RCA JOP Crew
Buff Enuff /Super Fun Happy Rebuild Mt Macpherson 2009 1.1 RCA BCTS Contract Crew
Total 32.4km

MOTCA= Ministry of Tourism Culture, and the Arts, BCFS= BC Forest Service, JOP= Job Opportunities Fund, BCTS= BC Timber Sales

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