Trail Work Principles

The RCA Trail Construction Code of Ethics and Trail Maintenance Code of Conduct are an expression of the guiding principles used in developing and maintaining new and existing trails.

Trail Construction Code of Ethics

  • Trail projects will be legally approved and built in consultation and cooperation with land managers and stake holders
  • Trail will be built to applicable standards as required
  • Trail works will be planned strategically with a long term view
  • The history and character of existing trails will be respected
  • The regional trail system will provide for a variety of styles and difficulties
  • Basic signage will be used to provide for safety and navigational assistance
  • Trails will be constructed to be sustainable and respectful of the natural, recreational, and economic of values associated with public lands

Trail Maintenance Code of Conduct

  • Riders are encouraged to take ownership of trails and assist in maintaining them
  • Riders are encouraged to complete minor maintenance on their own, such as removing downed branches and clearing drainage bars
  • The RCA will organize, fund, and supervise volunteer work parties to complete major maintenance projects
  • Participants in sanctioned trail projects will be insured by CyclingBC
  • The RCA will honour agreements with private and government partners to report trail issues
  • Safety first while completing any trail work!
  • All riders are requested to report any trail maintenance issues and ideas to the RCA at
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