Ultimate Frisby Trail

This great downhill trail, accessed from the same logging road as the new Frisby Ridge XC trail, is one of the classic DH trails in the area.  With great cliffside views of the Jordan River below (careful) and steep terrain that will have you shaking out your arms more than a few times on the descent, this trail offers up a downhill experience that will have you returning lap after lap trying to memorize each curve, berm or steep roll.  Some fall maintenance and a few well placed reroutes, an improvement in flow, sightlines and drainage will make the experience on this trail even better for the upcoming season.  Connect this trail after riding the new Frisby Ridge XC trail to make en epic ride that will give you mix of every kind of riding you may be looking for.  A minimum of an all-mountain bike is advised for this trail.

Distance Information:

Elevation Information: 1100m to 600m

Rating:   expert DH

Access:  From Revelstoke go west on Highway #1, at the Highway #23 junction, turn right (north) onto Westside Road.   Drive for about 8km to a point where it turns into an odd 4 way junction leading off onto gravel logging roads.  To this point, don’t be fooled by the Frisby Ridge Snowmobile signs, some point the right way, some don’t!  Turn left on the Frisby Ridge Road (signed as such), there is also a tall cedar post with a small blue sign indicating “Rec Trail” with an arrow and bike symbol.  All subsequent junctions are signed similarly, and will lead you up the gravel road.  At 6.2km, there is a small amount of parking, the trail entrance can be found a short way down the road to the left.  The access is 2 wheel drive accessible, but we recommend a vehicle with some clearance.

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