Road Riding

Revelstoke has fantastic road riding on rolling and quiet secondary roads, scenic flats along the Columbia River, and a world class 1700m/5500ft climb up the Mt. Revelstoke National Park Parkway.  There are about 10 road bike events and races within a 3 hour drive of Revelstoke every summer.

RCA scheduled events include weekly group road rides and twoonie road races.

Road Riding Code of Conduct

  1. Stay as far right as possible and never cross the center line
  2. Keep your hands near the brake levers (aero bars may be installed but not used)
  3. Use hand signals for turns and stops and point out hazards
  4. Don’t make any sudden movements
  5. Move to the back to make adjustments or eat
  6. Be defensive and courteous to traffic and dress visibly
  7. Carry a cell phone and exchange numbers
  8. Whenever possible pick up dropped riders
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