Macpherson Select Rides

Here is a selection of Mt. Macpherson rides providing a variety of difficulties and showcasing some of the more classic climbs and descents.  The time estimates are very general so plan according to your riding pace!  Although these are fine instructions, the RCA map is an essential navigational tool so be sure to stop by the local bike shops for the most recent version!  The signage is excellent overall but there is always a confusing spot or two and some of the older nordic signs can be tricky to spot.  Use your map!  For directions to the parking areas click here.

Easy 1 Hour Rides

Double Track Double Tap – If you prefer to avoid techy roots and rocks all together, here is a nice loop of double track nordic trails that will get you a bit of climbing, a bit of descending, some views, and a good orientation to Macpherson.

  1. Park at the Mt. Macpherson Parking
  2. Start at the nordic garage heading south descending on Mickey Olsen Loop
  3. Stay left at Titan
  4. Turn right and climb up Dynamite, look back at the top for great views of Revelstoke Mt. Resort, you are biking on a Nordic ski trail looking longingly at an amazing ski hill, pray for snow!
  5. Turn right on Mickey Olsen Loop
  6. Go straight on Mickey’s until you reach Main Loop and then turn left uphill
  7. Follow Main Loop, you will pass a few junctions, keep on Main Loop and follow the signs until you reach the junction with Forest Lane
  8. Option to Cabin – continue another 0.5km up Main Loop to reach the historic Ole Sandberg cabin then return to this junction
  9. From the junction of Main Loop and Forest Lane, descend Forest Lane all the way down to BCIT
  10. Turn right onto BCIT
  11. Stay straight and BCIT turns into Roadway Ramble
  12. Ramble your way back to the parking area.

Forest Fixie – A quick and shady route on a hot day featuring some newer trails which are quite buff and make for very pleasant and smooth riding.

  1. Park at the Begbie Falls Parking
  2. Start east on the Begbie Falls FSR
  3. Make a right onto Hemlock Groove and climb up into the forest, a bit steep for a few turns, then the grade lays back
  4. Turn right onto Yew R Here for a buff descent
  5. Turn left back onto the Begbie Falls FSR to return to your car

Intermediate 1 Hour Rides

Go-Down Flowdown!!  A relatively easy climbing route brings you onto Flowdown, a beautiful, long flowy descent. The return trip on Tantrum (a Revy classic!) will challenge your technical skills with rolling single track that is rooty and rocky.

  1. Park at Griffith Creek Trailhead
  2. Climb to the north up Beaver Lake Road double track
  3. Turn right onto Beaver Lake Road proper
  4. Turn left onto Dusty Beaver, an uphill roller
  5. Turn left onto Flowdown, a short climb up, cross the hydro line and then 6km of flowy freedom
  6. At the bottom turn right onto Tantrum
  7. Next junction stay right on Tantrum
  8. Follow Tantrum (techy and rolling) back to the parking area

What Goes Up Must Come Down!  A steep and steady climbing route delivers you to the high point of the Macpherson trail system, and onto the original classic descent of the area.  Your mission is to get to the top (and bottom) of TNT!

  1. Park at Griffith Creek Trailhead
  2. Take Short Hop double track straight up from the parking lot
  3. Turn left on BCIT
  4. Turn right onto Break a Leg, a short steep climb, all rideable but the last 100m is very steep
  5. Enter Main Loop, turn right and climb up toward the Ole Sandberg cabin
  6. Just before the cabin turn left on to Ridge Walk, another steep but fairly short climb, follow it along the rolling ridge
  7. Drop left onto TNT for a long descent, stay on TNT as you cross Madman’s Leap, Main Loop and Forest Lane, make sure to hang a right on TNT where Root Canal continues straight ahead
  8. When you hit the road BCIT go left
  9. Turn right onto Root Canal and knock a few molars loose as you bump your way back to the car park

Difficult 1-2 Hour Rides

Single Track Mind – Up, down, and rolling single track links up all the old Revy classics built by the RCA, and a few newer classics as well.

  1. Park at the Mt. Macpherson Parking
  2. Start from the nordic lodge straight up Black Forest
  3. Follow Black Forest until the junction of Main Loop and Mountain Climb (there is a gate)
  4. Go past the gate on Main Loop (ok, there is a bit of double track)
  5. Turn left onto the back side of Main Loop (the down-hill only sign is for skiers!)
  6. Continue up Main Loop until you can turn right onto Ridge Walk (if you can clean Ridge Walk you get the prize!)
  7. Turn right and drop into TNT
  8. Follow TNT until you hit the double track Forest Lane and turn left
  9. Turn right onto Break a Leg and proceed with caution!
  10. Turn right on to Tranquility Traverse
  11. Stay right (straight ahead) at BCIT
  12. Turn right and start climbing up TNT
  13. Turn left on Black Forest and follow it all the way back to the parking area

Up Down and Around – Another twisted loop of Revy Classics

  1. Park at the Mt. Macpherson Parking
  2. Start up from the Nordic Lodge straight up Black Forest
  3. Left onto Telemarkers Choice for a short distance
  4. Right onto Main Loop
  5. Left on Madman’s Leap
  6. Right on Madman’s Step
  7. Left on Ridge Walk
  8. Left and down TNT to the Bottom at BCIT
  9. Left on BCIT then stay left onto Tranquility Traverse
  10. Right onto Root Canal, stay on it down to Griffith Creek Parking
  11. Right up Easy Al’s double track to Richard Liqueur
  12. Turn left to enter, then go right on Richard Liqueur, continue onto Easy Al’s to the junction of Telemarkers Choice, BCIT and Roadway Ramble
  13. The easy choice is left on Roadway Ramble or go up Telemarkers Choice to Black Forest then follow it left and back to the car.

Flowup??  Starting with a loooong smooth climb, then into some great rolling and bermed descents, mixed up with flat techy bits. A mixed bag of newer trails.

  1. Park at the Flowdown Trailhead
  2. Start up Flowdown and stay on it….until it ends!
  3. Turn right on Dusty Beaver for a great rolling drop
  4. When you hit the Beaver Lake Road cross it straight onto View Trail
  5. Left onto Berm Donor, follow it around the flats beside the lake, eventually it turns into a great bermed descent
  6. Left onto Tantrum, it quickly enters an unnamed road, go right about 100m then look for the trail to continue up a bank on the left
  7. Follow Tantrum back to Flowdown (turn right) and back to the car park!

Difficult 2 to 3 hour rides

Get Spanked – Follow the ‘Stoked to Get Spanked’ race loop and see if you can beat the best times.

  1. Park at the Mt. Macpherson Parking area
  2. Start at the nordic garage heading south gently descending on Mickey Olsen Loop
  3. Stay left at Titan and Dynamite
  4. Right on Stimulus then left on Mickey’s to Main Loop.
  5. Left on Main Loop, go past the gate on Main Loop
  6. Turn left onto the back side of Main Loop (the down-hill only sign is for skiers!)
  7. Continue up Main Loop and around to the Ole Sandberg Hut
  8. Right onto Ridge Walk just below the hut from Main Loop and up steeply to TNT
  9. Left on TNT
  10. Left on Main Loop
  11. Right on Break-a-Leg and down to the bottom
  12. Left onto BCIT
  13. Right up Beaver Lake Road
  14. Left on Dusty Beaver
  15. Left over to Berm Donor and down to Tantrum
  16. Right on Tantrum to Griffith Creek parking
  17. Up Root Canal to BCIT
  18. Left on BCIT
  19. Right on TNT
  20. Left on Black Forest and stay on Black Forest back to the car.

Difficult 6-8 Hour Ride

The Big Mac – Only got a day but need to ride it all?  Here is recipe that cooks up Macpherson in a day combining the best ups and downs, some of them you even get to do twice.  These directions are little less prescriptive, so don’t forget your map.  This route hits all the parking areas if you want to stash some bottles for pick up along the way.

  1. Park at the Tantrum Trailhead
  2. Take a deep breath
  3. Start up Tantrum and stay on it all the way to the Griffith Creek Parking
  4. Descend the FSR to Hwy 23, go left
  5. Right onto Dog Patch
  6. Left on Mt. Begbie Road and then right onto River Run
  7. Out to Woodland Dr., left on Mt. Begbie Road and straight into the Begbie Falls FSR
  8. Left  onto Foreplay and then straight onto Sex on the Beach all the way around to the FSR
  9. Climb Yew R Here then Hemlock Groove to the junction where you can turn right and descend Quarry Trail back to the FSR
  10. Right on the FSR and yes climb back up Yew R Here to Hemlock Groove
  11. Left for a nice descent of Hemlock Groove
  12. Right on the FSR and right on to Bluff Trail
  13. Right on Backside
  14. Left onto Quarry Trail out to Hwy 23 across from the Macpherson Parking
  15. Turn left onto the highway for an easy spin south to Begbie Creek Parking
  16. Right onto Stimulus, all the way to the junction with Black Forest
  17. Left and up Black Forest
  18. Left on TNT, climb up to the top of TNT via Madman’s Leap or Madman’s Step and Ridge Walk
  19. Descend TNT to Forest Lane, climb left to Break a Leg then go down it
  20. Right on Tranquility Traverse then right to climb up Root Canal (there is a short section of TNT you don’t want to miss!)
  21. Left onto lower TNT
  22. Left on BCIT then right on  to lower Root Canal and down to the Griffith Creek Parking
  23. From the kiosk drop down and left onto Tantrum
  24. Left to climb up Buff Enuff, then descend Super Happy Fun Trail
  25. Hard left and climb up Berm Donor (sorry!) and follow it all the way to it’s end at View Trail
  26. Left onto View Trail then right onto Buff Enuff and left on Tightrope
  27. At the end of Tightrope drop right down double track to the hydroline, go left onto Beaver Lake Road
  28. Follow Beaver Lk. Rd. past the 1st entrance to Dusty Beaver, at the lower entrance turn right onto Dusty Beaver and climb it
  29. Left onto Flowdown which takes you back Tantrum
  30. Either left on Tantrum to the car park or Stay on Flowdown to the bottom then left on Highway 23 and back to the car!

Whoops, you missed Richard Liqueur now you have a reason to come back!

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