The Big Mac Challenge

First off, despite the culinary reference, we encourage you to support local independent restauranteurs in Revelstoke!!

Think you have covered all the challenges that the Mt Macpherson trails have to offer?  Well we have one mabe you haven’t tried yet.  We would like to issue the RCA Big Mac Challenge!! The RCA Big Mac is our ride description that includes all the trails at Macpherson and we would like to find out who can do it in the fastest time.  The route is 43km in length with 5330 feet of elevation gain.


The rules of the Challenge are simple.   Print the ride description off the website, start your watch when you leave the Tantrum Trailhead and stop it when you get back then post your time on the RCA Facebook page so you can claim bragging rights to being the Biggest Big Mac Rider, at least until someone beats your challenge.  Remember this is on the honor system so no short cutting!

Let the Challenge begin!!

The Biggest Mac to date…… Sept. 26, 2012 – 3 hours and 56 minutes!

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