Cycling BC License Info

CyclingBC Licensing

1. Click here to purchase your CyclingBC License.
2. Select the first option “General / Club Memberships” to race in RCA local races only. You only need to upgrade to the Provincial or UCI license if you plan to race provincially (ie. Salty Dog, Stoked to Get Spanked, etc.) or in UCI sanctioned races.
3. Scroll down and choose to subscribe to magazines if you wish.
4. If you have previously registered then click the green button to use your existing account (your old CCN account will not work) otherwise click the grey button to “Continue as Guest”
5. Complete the required personal information
6. In the Team field select “Revelstoke Cycling Association”
7. Respond to the “Promoter questions” then scroll through the embedded waiver before you click the check box to “agree to all terms”
8. Enter your initials in the box provided.
9. If you plan to register again in future years then Create a Login by filling in the 3 required fields.
10. Click the green “Checkout” button to proceed to payment
11. Review your cart and click the appropriate payment type button at the bottom (paypal or credit card)
12. Email your e-receipt as proof of payment to
Print your e-receipt and bring it to the event in which you plan to participate.

**** Members must prove Cycling BC membership prior to participating in ANY RCA riding events/races****

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