DH Race #2 Boondocker

flowt_logoDate: Sunday July 9

Registration: 10:30 – 11am, Boulder Parking Lot

Pre-Race Briefing: 11:30 – 11:45.am

Race Start: Noon

The Three Things You Need To Race:

  1. RCA Membership ($30 each year)
  2. Fiver ($5 at each race)

Race Details

Parking – Parking and registration will be based in the new Boulder parking lot, located immediately after the Jordan River bridge on the Boulder FSR (on the left just below the hill up to the 1K corner).

The Course – Boondocker (from the section after Hot Dog Hallway) into Gravy Bacon.

The Race – While this course is more challenging than TNT, it should still be accessible to many riders, so get out there and scope out your lines with some pals!

After the pre-race briefing, riders will begin the shuttle to the trail head. Women will race first and men second. Priority will be given to the lowest seeded riders. The race will begin at the pre-determined start time and riders will leave the start line at regular intervals.

Volunteers – A range of 8-10 volunteers will be needed to handle registration, timing, shuttling and marshaling for this event. If anyone is interested in volunteering please email Brad Christie (AKA Cookie) at: christie.brad@gmail.com

Notes: Please car pool to the race, be prompt with all the times, don’t forget your Revelstoke Cycling Association membership and bring $5!

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