Season Ending Prizes

Season Ending Prize Details

Thanks to some generous donations from sponsors we have put together a great package of season ending draw prizes for RCA events. These prizes include:
To be eligible for these prizes you must be an RCA member. You must also participate in at least four RCA events. The events that are counted include Arrow Helicopters XC races, 112 Steakhouse Road Races, Flowt Bikes Downhill races, and organized RCA Trail Works days. Your chances of winning increase if you attend more events. They also increase if you participate in more than one type of event. The total number of times your name will be in the draw will be the total number of events participated in, multiplied by the number of different types of events. For example if you participate in 3 XC races, 2 downhill races and 1 Trail day you will have (3+2+1) x 3 =18 entries in the draw.
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