Spring has taken its sweet time getting here but the valley bottom trails are finally snow free. This means that it is time to get your bike legs in shape for summer riding! If you want to get faster on the bike sometimes you have to push yourself a little beyond your comfort zone… and there is no better motivation for doing that then taking part in the first Arrow Helicopters Fiver XC Race this Wednesday night!

We’ve got four races planned for the eighth season of Wednesday Night XC Racing. Arrow Helicopters has been our title sponsors for all eight seasons – thanks to their (and our other series title sponsors – Flowt Bikes and Tantrum Bike Shop) generous financial support, racers will not need to purchase Cycling BC Insurance this season. Race entry is now $5 (hence the “Fiver” name) though you do need to be an RCA member to race. RCA membership can be purchased online or at race registration.

Our first race will ease you into things with some nice flowy single track on Stimulus and Black Forest. Don’t let the lack of big vertical trick you into thinking the course will be easy though – to finish well you will have push the pace on the rolling sections and with few prolonged downhills this will require a sustained effort. Two climbs up Telemarker’s Choice will also make you feel the burn in your legs. What is the reward? It could be lots of things for different people – the satisfaction of pushing yourself, bragging rights from beating your friends, getting stronger so you can ride longer this summer, improving your Strava times, having an excuse to wear lycra…

Registration for the first race on May 17th is at the Nordic Lodge parking lot between 6:15 and 6:45 pm. Race starts at 7:00pm. More specific race info and the race map is available HERE. Hope to see you all out on Wednesday Night! If anyone is interested in being involved in the races as a volunteer please contact the club.