We’re stoked to welcome our new board members and ready to share the new structure that we have come up with to keep the momentum in the Revelstoke Cycling Association. Thanks to all those who have volunteered their time!

  • President – Keith McNab (revybiker@gmail.com)
  • Secretary – Carol Prince (carol.prince@bikerevelstoke.org)
  • Treasurer – Marie Mae Parent (marie.mai.parent@bikerevelstoke.org)
  • Communications – Meghan Tabor (meghan.tabor@bikerevelstoke.org)
  • Fundraising & Memberships – Robyn Goldsmith (robyn.goldsmith@bikerevelstoke.org) *
  • Races & Events – Megan Rose (megan.rose@bikerevelstoke.org) *
  • Trail Planning – Henning Schipper (henning.schipper@bikerevelstoke.org) *
  • Trail Construction – Matt Yaki (matt.yaki@bikerevelstoke.org) *
  • Trail Maintenance – Dave Pearson (david.pearson@bikerevelstoke.org) *

In addition to our Board of Directors, much of the work of the RCA is completed by our committees. An asterisk (*) denotes the directors who chair committees. The committees meet monthly to plan and complete club projects, trail works, and events.  If you are interested in participating in a certain capacity, please send an email to the committee chair person listed above.

Stay tuned to our website and Facebook Page for a mid-winter social event!