More RCA events are coming your way this week – the Arrow Helicopters XC Fiver Series is back on July 12th!

We we’ve been tardy in posting the results from our second race in June. These results can be found at the link below.

A nice turn out of 32 racers enjoyed great conditions on Berm Donor and Dusty Beaver. Brendan MacIntosh made it 2/2 with another win while Emily Unterberger exhibited impressive form with a category win and atop five overall.

As promised the third race will feature trails on the lower Begbie bench. We had a hard time deciding which way racers should ride Hemlock Groove and Yew R Here so we thought why not ride them both directions? This decision does mean that the course if a tad more complicated than usual and we’d encourage racers to take a good look at the map beforehand. The 12 km course has three different laps so a bit of a departure from the usual format.

Don’t forget that Arrow Helicopters is offering $20 off a helicopter drop this summer to anyone who takes part in at least two XC Fiver races. Not only do you get a discount on your lift up to Cartier or Joss, but Arrow will also kick in a $20 donation to the RCA per rider who takes advantage of this offer. There are only two XC races left this season so if you are thinking of taking advantage of this offer your opportunities are dwindling!

For those that haven’t heard racers do not need to purchase Cycling BC Insurance this season. Race entry is now $5 (hence the “Fiver” name) though you do need to be an RCA member to race. RCA membership can be purchased online or at race registration.

Registration for the third race is located on the Begbie Falls FSR in the cutblock after Yew R Here. Registration is between 6:15 and 6:45 pm while the race starts at 7:00pm. Feel free to re-use your number plate from previous races. More specific race info and the race map are available on the RCA webpage. Hope to see you all out on Wednesday Night!

XC race #3 2017