IMG_0250IMG_0245Sorry to keep you waiting for these results – I’m sure the suspense has been tearing some of you apart… It was smaller turn out than usual for the third race of the RCA DH Toonie Series presented by Flowt Bikes and Skis. Conditions were dusty and loose as riders made their way down Boondocker and Gravy Bacon last Sunday. There seems to be a little trend happening this year as Lindsey Corrigan has taken her second victory in a row with a time of 3:05.90. On the men’s side it’s three in a row for Stu Dickson who flew down the track in a time of 2:26.13. A real special thanks for the amazing volunteers as we really needed you guys for this one, you were all awesome. Thanks goes out to our sponsors yet again for providing some great draw prizes. We have a little break now for the summer and we will fire back up mid-September with a race down Redneck’s Revenge. Check back for details on upcoming events. Click on the images below for the full series standings and race results: