VHFRadioStella-Jones has started logging the little patch of blowdown on Boulder. We don’t anticipate this taking very long. However, please bear in mind that there is active logging and there will be the occasional loaded logging trucks coming down the Boulder / Jordan FSR. The road is radio controlled, so a radio with the “Kicking Horse 153.32 MHz” frequency is legally required to use the road during active logging. Stella-Jones will let us know when the logging / hauling has been completed.

The following is the radio communication protocol to be used:

  • The frequency is posted at the bottom of the road.  It is “Kicking Horse” frequency 153.32 MHz
  • LISTEN for oncoming traffic
  • When driving up call odd km numbers “starting up Boulder FSR”… “Boulder UP 1km”, “Boulder up 3km” etc.
  • When coming down call even numbers “Boulder Down 4km”… “Boulder Down 2km”… etc.
  • Logging trucks always have the right of way.  Give them lots of space.  If you hear someone coming down, find a pull out and pull over about 1km in advance and wait for them to come by.  Logging trucks require the entire road width and cannot stop easily
  • Vehicles going up must always yield to vehicles coming down