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Sale Mountain on

Please note: Although the RCA highly recommends this trail for a rad time, we do not manage this trail. This is a Revelstoke area trail and is managed by Recreation Sites & Trails BC.

A spectacular 1580m/9km descent from alpine meadows to valley bottom. The trail is equipped with low and mid-elevation access points for early and late season rides, and the option for a 5000ft climb up logging roads to the top. Technical trail features exist on this trail and should be spotted by riders before attempting. Suitable equipment and caution is recommended when riding this trail. This trail is managed by Recreation Sites and Trails BC. This trail is also ascended by hikers – please watch for oncoming hikers and slow down to yield.

Access from Revelstoke:
– Head north on Hwy 23 – trailhead is located 21km from Hwy 1
– Turn right on the Sale FSR and continue up the road for 15km
* Note: 4×4 is mandatory for these logging roads. Please carry a radio with you when logging is active. Remember, it is the responsibility of the driver to travel at speeds that reflect the road conditions.