Please do your part to keep it that way so everyone can safely enjoy this activity.

The Easter Bunny has been hard at work hiding eggs all over town. Jump on your bikes for this scavenger hunt style Easter egg hunt. Find the eggs, and you’ll be entered to win some sweet prizes, generously provided by Skookum Revelstoke Bike & Ski.

There are two different courses:

1) The Town Tour – A kid-friendly ride to some of our favourite places in town.
2) The Road Ride – A total of 80 km in four different directions out of town to give your legs a good stretch.

For each course, pedal your way to 6 different locations, where you will find an “egg”. They will usually be in a storefront window, or attached to a signpost, with some green and purple flagging tape for added visibility. Using your phone, take a selfie at each station with the egg in the background, and upload them on to Instagram with the hashtag #revybunnyhop

Feel free to complete either course in one day, or break it up into different sections over several days. Ride to as many or as few of the locations as you like, in whichever order works for you. Course details are posted in the “Discussion” section of the event.

You have until Sunday, April 19 at 6PM to find all the eggs and upload your photos. Each photo uploaded with the hashtag gives you one entry into the prize draw. A maximum of six entries from each user is allowed, and they must all be from the same course. (Exceptions will be made for parents riding with kids in the town course who also do the road ride separately.)

Check out the details on the event page.