The second 112 Steakhouse Twoonie Road Race was the Mason Road criterium. The races used the newly patented Jarmula points scoring format that gave sprints for points every 5 minutes and barely enough time to get your breath back in between! Two races were held with the recreational race having lots of hotly contested sprints but being ultimately won by Bronte Viznaugh who finished equal on points with her father Wade, but was awarded victory as she won the final sprint. Emily Suchy placed 3rd, with Courtney Rennie and Terry Duncan also sharing in the points.

In the second race the only break from the pack occurred when Stuart Smith burst ahead after the first sprint and stayed clear to take the second sprint points uncontested. Smith also edged the fourth sprint from Kellen Viznaugh who had been picking up points in the other sprints. The last lap came as a surprise for some of the riders, but not Viznaugh who took the last sprint ahead of Noah O’Connell and when the points were tallied up Viznaugh was clearly the winner.

Thanks to the volunteers and riders who came out despite the windy weather that had resulted in timber fall needing to be cleared from the course before the start. The post race bar-B-Q was enjoyed by all, with the riders having built up a good appetite!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA