New sections of Upper Haulin’ Daze. Photo by Katlyn DaviesThe Revelstoke Cycling Association is pleased to report Sunnyside was re-opened by Recreation Sites & Trails BC on Friday, June 26. While I’m sure many of you are excited to go ride there, we ask that you please keep a few things in mind:

  • Respect the neighbours. This means don’t linger and make a lot of noise at the trailhead, use the outhouse, and (like all of our trails) please pack away all of your waste.

  • Park in the designated parking spaces. Be vigilant while pulling out of the parking lot onto Airport War after your ride.
  • DO NOT PARK in any neighboring driveways.  DO NOT PARK on the shoulder of Airport Way as this creates a real traffic hazard. If parking is full, head to the mailboxes a few kilometres north and ride out from there.

  • If you pedal out (which we wholeheartedly encourage), remember that cyclists are required to ride single file. If you hear any traffic approaching, pull in behind your friend and let them by.
  • Respect the re-routes. Large sections of Upper Haulin’ Daze and some shorter sections of Lower Haulin’ Daze were re-routed at the recommendation of a provincial trail expert due to drainage issues. As you will see, the closed sections have been decommissioned and made unrideable, so please respect that. They were decommissioned for a reason, and you won’t enjoy it.

  • Remember: pre-ride, re-ride, freeride. The new sections of trail have a very different feel than the original trail, so ride it a few times before you go all out.

  • Share the trail. There is a small section at the bottom that is for uphill and downhill biking traffic, as well as hikers. Uphill traffic ALWAYS has the right of way and bikers ALWAYS yield to hikers.

  • COVID riding recommendations are still in effect

The board of the RCA would like to thank everyone for respecting the trail closure while this important work was done.

*Photos by Katlyn Davies