Riding the Haulin’ Daze trail. Photo by Alex Cooper

Sunnsyide FAQs

What is Sunnyside?

Sunnyside is the newest trail network developed by the Revelstoke Cycling Association.

Why Sunnyside?

Sunnyside represents an opportunity for the RCA to build a modern mountain bike trail network in a forest that has not been logged and is not expected to be logged any time soon. It is built in Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s Controlled Recreation Area (CRA) which means the location has been already earmarked for recreation. It is also southwest facing, meaning it melts out sooner than our other trail networks, which will extend our riding season and allow us to spend more time on bikes!

Where is Sunnyside?

The Sunnyside trailhead is located on Airport Way, 12 kilometres south of downtown Revelstoke.

What about parking?

A parking plan was created by Recreation Sites & Trails BC and the Ministry of Transportation before Sunnyside was approved. Currently, parking is limited to the existing spaces until a new parking lot is built. We highly encourage people to bike from town. If the parking lot is full, there is room to park at the mailboxes only a few kilometres north of the trailhead. Please do not park on the side of the road as that creates a traffic hazard.

Are there bathrooms at Sunnyside?

There is an outhouse installed at the trail head adjacent to the parking lot. When on trail, please be respectful of the residents that live in the area. Several neighbours get their water from streams on that mountain side, so please do not go to the bathroom in the woods up there, and pick up after your pet.

What else are you going to build up there?

So far, we have built a climb trail (Sunnyside Up) and a flow/jump trail (Haulin’ Daze). Our long-term goal is to continue to develop Sunnyside higher up the mountain, however, there are numerous concerns to mitigate before anything else is built in the area.

What about the Mount Cartier trail?

The Cartier trail is still open, and hikers will be able to use the current hiking trail. Both hikers and mountain bikers will share one small section of the trail.

Can I ride my e-bike on Sunnyside?

Sunnyside’s trails will be open to pedal-assist e-bikes. All trails at Sunnyside are one way, so there’s no chance of collision between uphill and downhill riders, which is one of the main concerns with e-bikes on two-way trails.

Can I walk, hike, or trail run here?

These trails are one way only and are designed specifically for mountain biking. Trail runners and hikers are welcome on the climb trail but are not allowed on the downhill trail as it is a high speed trail and there would be a high risk of collision with hikers and runners.

Who owns or manages the land that these trails are being built on?

The trails are all located on Crown land, and most of the Sunnyside trail network is located within Revelstoke Mountain Resort’s Controlled Recreation Area. The trails are authorized by Recreation Sites & Trails BC, and the RCA has a partnership agreement to maintain them. The Sunnyside network is close to residents of Airport Way, we ask that you be respectful while riding the area.

Take only pictures – leave only bike treads.

What is the process that allows the RCA to build new bike trails like Sunnyside?

Hundreds of hours of volunteer time went into planning the first phase of Sunnyside. The climb trail was approved many years ago under a separate application and planning for the descent trails began in earnest two years ago.

We received a section 57 approval under the Forest Range and Practices Act from Recreation Sites & Trails BC, and the trails have been built in compliance with their specifications. We have followed all of the necessary legalities in building this network.

For more information about the section 57 process, please click here.

Who is paying for these trails?

The Sunnyside network has been built thanks to generous funding from the Resort Municipality Initiative Funding through the City of Revelstoke, the Columbia Basin Trust, Recreation Sites & Trails BC, and the members and sponsors of the Revelstoke Cycling Association.

How can I contribute?

If you are keen to volunteer, please check out the RCA Volunteers group on Facebook, or email info@bikerevelstoke.org. Donations can be made through our website.

How do I voice my concerns?

Please email info@bikerevelstoke.org with any concerns, questions, or comments.