If you’ve been wondering about the results from this Arrow Helicopters XC Race that took place back on June 3rd, here they are! Sorry for the delay in getting you all the details. The event was well attended and featured the endurance format that requires riders to ride as many laps as the can muster within a predetermined amount of time. The race organizer, Bart Jarmula, planned a course that allowed the top riders to complete 5 laps within the allotted 80 minutes.

The race for first was place was hard fought between Brendan MacIntosh and Kellen Viznaugh. MacIntosh held the lead for much of the race but apparently set the pace a little too low for Viznaugh who had plenty in the tank for a final lap sprint to pull away from MacInotsh and take the win. In the Women’s field Emily Unterberger kept well ahead of the three way battle for second place between Emily Suchy, Megan Tabor, and Marcy Bennett who finished in that order.